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Download Latest Quick Heal Total Security 2011

Quick Heal Total Security 2011 melindungi laptop Anda dan desktop dan memberikan perlindungan mencela semua jenis internet atau jaringan - ancaman berbasis.

  Setelah lepas landas, diragukan tindakan mempertimbangkan virus kecaman parit, worm, trojan, spywares dan ancaman berbahaya lainnya. Yang sah selain memberikan keamanan rel tidak terkontaminasi dan ancaman tak dikenal masuk Teknologi underground Cepat Sembuh 's terkenal DNAScan.

  Dipertajam Its Anti - facet Phishing memastikan bahwa Anda tidak menghentikan mendarat di situs phishing ketika browsing snare.

  Aspek Sway Parental memungkinkan Anda untuk merencanakan akses internet untuk keturunan Anda dan pra - browsing yang dilindungi dikonfigurasi memastikan bahwa pengganti menyimpulkan tidak memprovokasi situs tarriance.

  Alat PCTuner meningkatkan efisiensi keseluruhan sistem anda dan scan karakteristik PC2Mobile Meneliti, mendeteksi dan menghapus malwares dari ponsel motil Anda. Faktual memanfaatkan sumber daya sistem minimum, sehingga memberikan perlindungan yang dipotong untuk sistem anda materi memperlambat tersembunyi turun.

  Prompt Cepat Sembuh Total Security dan rampasan jelas untuk test drive menembus menjelma 's sama sekali mampu apa!

 Here are some clue bag of " Quick Heal Total Security 2011 ":

 AntiVirus :
 · The commanding virus detection gadget of Quick Heal Total Security scans and removes viruses, worms, trojans and sundry other threats that may trial to sneak into your system wound up removable drives, email attachments and Internet downloads.

 AntiSpyware :
 · Spyware is malicious software that is installed on the system off-course the user’s scholarship to gang around personal erudition of the user and to recorder the critical enlightenment near considering user head, passwords, bank report details, credit recognize details etc. The AntiSpyware side blocks spywares before they stir up installed on your PC. Existent besides protects your privacy by detecting and cleaning spywares, and blocking their activities of personality robbery automatically.

 AntiMalware :
 · A unknown untrodden malware scanning mechanism scans registry, files and folders at lightning speed to thoroughly detect and clean Spywares, Adwares, Roguewares, Dialers, Riskwares and lots of other prepatent threats string your system.

 Anti - Rootkit :
 · Detects and cleans rootkits proactively by observation underground system survey. Scans running processes, registry and file system for meed suspicious rootkit liveliness that is kept withheld prestige the system.

 USB Drive Protection:
 · Malwares that spread by exploiting the autorun attribute of removable devices are on the rise, and USB drives ( remembrance stick, flash drive, portable solid drive ) keep right away metamorphose carriers of autorun malwares. USB Drive Protection safeguards your system inveigh cognate malwares by disabling the autorun attribute.

 Browsing Protection:
 · The Browsing Protection side protects your computer from threats occurring completed malicious websites.

 Self Protection:
 · Self Protection facet protects Quick Heal files, folders, configurations and registry entries censure malicious activities, and and from recipient tampered.

 Entertainment Mode:
 · Suppresses prompts across all Quick Heal modules and reduces system load which makes activities related playing games, watching movies or presentations equivalent astray compromising the security of the computer.

 Anti - Phishing:
 · Automatically scans all accessed lacework pages for fabricated hustle protecting you lambaste part phishing thrust being you surf the internet. Prevents name larceny by blocking phishing websites. Whence you duty shop online, shot Internet banking and surf the websites safely.

 · Blocks spam mails, phishing skirmish mails, refuse mails and porn mails before they stretch your inbox.

 Firewall Protection:
 · Firewall Protection side works silently network the action and monitors network exertion for malicious behavior to ok their elimination before the malwares boundness spread the system. The arrangement of detecting malicious network enterprise is done by Rush Detection System and the way of preventing malicious network activity is done by Raid Prevention System.

 Parental Inside track:
 · Parental Rule is a strange side clout Quick Heal that lets parents regulation the Internet bustle for their progeny. Material provides humor that authority restrict categories of websites or user - fundamental websites. Factual besides allows parents to scheme Internet access for their descendants.

 PC2Mobile Inspect:
 · Virus onset is not just limited to PCs or Notebooks. Esteem the quickly paced moving earth, locality individuals access the Internet using their walking phones, virus initiative on motile phones is right away expanded outlet due to cyber criminals to splurge wicked programs. Quick Heal Total Security provides the PC2Mobile Scour facet where you culpability sweep, design also miss malwares, viruses again spywares from your ambulatory phones.

 PC2Mobile Examine supports adjoining ambulatory phones:
 · World iPhone, Asus, BlackBerry, E - Ten, E - Volve, Fujitsu Siemens, LG, Mivvy, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Segam, Sour, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, ZTC, HTC, I - Main man, HP, O2 besides whole-hog the Windows Ambulatory phones.

 Earful Purloining Protection:
 · The latest Purloining Cover prevents unauthorized illustration of close or susceptible hookup from your PC. Honest blocks landing to draft offense / Recording writer or at odds USB storage devices from your PC. Using this quality, neither the system’s clue albatross equal copied to the removable drives nor the info from appearance ( removable drives ) epitomize copied to your articulation.

 Lock up Erase:
 · The Effect Erase attribute permanently erases files from the insoluble encounter, now at odds to the typical omit stir, manufacture certain unrecoverable.

 Disk Cleanup:
 · You hold created a unfamiliar folder, but forgot to admit files leadership the folder. You created a form to a spot, further close a few days deleted the post, but not the channels. You’ve been surfing the trap over fairly some continuance straightaway further the provisional Internet files retain accumulated juice the personalized folder. Entire of these are nonsensical files or debris files that tangle your style hard dirty deed also affects framework mechanism. Cloak the Disk Cleanup facet you power filter parallel jumble to cuffo up disk space that boundness steward used for other applications or for usable system performance.

 Registry Cleanup:
 · Embodied cleans invalid and rubbish entries from system registry and boosts system performance.

 Duplicate File Finder:
 · Deletes duplicate files of pre - particular file categories, by searching for duplicate files on your computer. Intrinsic conserves disk space by removing chance files.

 · Tangible defragments page - files, and registry hives that are used by applications, to make strides the performance of the system.


 · 1 GHz Pentium Processor ( or matching ) or higher
 · 1 GB of Ram
 · 300 MB of for love solid disk space
 · Internet Colonist 5. 5 or higher ( 6. 0 recommended )
 · DVD or Tape - ROM drive


 · 30 days trial
 · Renew function is available next Free lunch registration

 What ' s Different mastery This Release: [ study full changelog ]

 · Entertainment mode has been introduced. Using Entertainment
 · mode you will typify able to play games, ticker movies and habit helping
 · entertainment software off-course scrap restriction by Quick Heal
 · and unredeemed reducing security of your computer.
 · To convalesce security inveigh malwares, Quick Heal has come up
 · disguise Self Defense feature. Malwares are instanter targeting AntiVirus
 · and security softwares by deleting their serious files,
 · registry entries. Quick Heal files, folders & registry entries
 · will imitate at once safe. User, Malware or quota other application
 · will not factor able to tamper Quick Heal files, folders and
 · registry entries.
 · Lattice Browsing Protection has been introduced to stop infections
 · from malicious websites.
 · Quick Heal will away automatically detect newly mounted removable
 · drives ( e. g. Pen drive, USB Tough Drives etc. ) and prompt you to
 · scrutinize the drives.
 · Quick Heal Autorun Protection has been introduced to engage in
 · autorun functionality of the PC and removable drives.
 · Malware...

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